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Bonefish Grill was founded St. Petersburg, Florida in 2000. Fueled by the passion for fish and adventure, the founders of Bonefish Grill set out to create a unique dining experience. One that would take the mystery out of fish for people who didn’t eat it very often, and yet provide further mystery for the truly adventurous. In their search to find fish from the waters of the world, they hunted down fish purveyors with the same commitment to quality as theirs. They hired a responsible fish guy who never stops traveling in search of unique species. Today, the founders’ ritual of receiving, inspecting and hand cutting fish daily is still practiced by the partners at Bonefish Grill. This is their commitment to quality and excellence at every level. People have turned out in droves to which the restaurant has grown throughout the Southeast and Northeast coast of the United States.

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When you walk through the doors, you may notice the chef-coat service or wine display. Bonefish Grill has a polished casual setting that helps you relax and celebrate – even if the occasion you’re celebrating is just dinner. The specials don’t stop at the food. At Bonefish Grill, special is the feel of a big city bar that’s not far from home. It’s a wood-burning grill that swaps out boredom and routine for a dinner that opens your eyes. It’s chef-coat service that’s not about being stuffy, but all about knowing what you need. It’s feeling good about the food, the people and the bill each time you walk through the door. Because at Bonefish Grill, special isn’t something that comes around once a year. It’s something you’ll find any night of the week. Find a location near you. No matter what the reason is for your visit, they’re ready to share the BFG experience with you.

Bonefish Grill believes that everyday should be celebrated– starting with the food you eat. And for them, every celebration starts with unique and inspired dishes created from the freshest ingredients available and cooked over a wood-burning grill. On any given night, they offer a wide variety of fish selections from around the globe. See what the menu is for tonight. From Wild Grouper, Alaskan Halibut and Chilean Sea Bass to Snake River Rainbow Trout and Norwegian Salmon, the market-fresh fish is cooked to perfection over a wood-burning grill and then topped with your choice of one of the complementary Signature Sauces. The oak-wood flavor from the signature wood-burning grill makes each entrée uniquely appetizing. You can also learn about Bonefish Grill recipes. From Lily’s Chicken to the Angler Steak Special, you’re sure to find a new favorite.

Environmental Responsibility: Bonefish Grill has shown dedication and responsibility to fishing practices and the healthy stewardship of the world’s marine resources. Their procurement process is guided by the reports and recommendations of NOAA and issued government regulations. They regularly consult with distinguished conservation groups, such as Ocean Trust and our OSI Seafood Advisory Council, to help them employ best practices. In addition, they work closely with the fishermen, from whom they source product around the globe, to promote environmentally sound fishing and aquaculture.

Bonefish Grill is affiliated with Ocean Trust – an award-winning ocean conservation foundation building science, conservation and industry partnerships for the sustainability of the oceans, as well as providing a link to sustainable fisheries, wildlife and the environment. Its efforts include engaging public support of constructive projects that help advance the sustainability of ocean resources and recognize its critical link to coastal communities that depend on the sea. Bonefish Grill has partnered with Ocean Trust, contributing proceeds from a series of special fundraising promotions and events, as well as joining in awareness campaigns. You can learn more about Ocean Trust and its efforts by logging on to